Terms of Sale

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

  • Legal Notice
  • RAINIER DISTILLERS shall not be liable for any damages. It is your responsibility to check your local laws and get proper permits. Distilling falls on you to learn. Please make sure, before ordering, that you understand the basics of distilling. 


  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Stills can take 4-8 weeks to ship. This may vary.  Please wait for this time to request tracking information. Very special or custom orders may take longer as they need to be fully tested, with video or manuals written up. Please be patient, tracking ETA's may be given out by my employees but cannot be 100% guaranteed.

    You may get packages shipped in multiple shipments, some come earlier than others.

    If your parcels are lost in the custody of the mail: Understand, we are not to blame. Add shipping insurance with your order. It is a risk all business take. We can't get your money back, from lost package by USPS- without paying them insurance first. This can't be made mandatory, as it is added cost most people do not want to pay. I think we all know this when we send packages ourselves. Small lost orders may be ok to reship. It cannot fall on us a large amount of money to rebuild and reship if lost in the mail and no insurance was purchased. Do you understand? YOU AGREE TO THIS BEFORE PURCHASING. Make sure you write the right address.

    If it is returned to us, because you were not home, or you did not pick up from post office, you have to pay shipping again. I am sorry. We send tracking to your email, when your shipment ships.

    If USPS tracking states a package -says it has been delivered- but you never received it, please go to your post office with the tracking number and talk to the people who deliver your mail. Then, contact us so we can file a claim.


  • Sales Tax
  • We charge a 7% sales tax for sales made in Washington State only. Or if it is a local pickup.

  • Warranties
  • If anything arrives defective, or not as advertised, just send us a photo, and we will fix it- or replace it on us. We will send out replacement parts, even if damaged from shipping. We will pay your return shipping after you have sent it back to us. You have a 2 month window after ordering. No exceptions. You have agreed to this before purchasing.

    Reconditioned drums are not always new. They may have small dents and other imperfections.

  • Return Policy
  • If you want a refund - we can refund you but you must send back the still, UN-USED! No exceptions. Return Shipping is on you for all returns. You have two months after ordering. You agree to this before placing the order.

  • Store Hours
  • We are on PACIFIC TIME. Tech Support is available in timely manner. Please be patient. Keep calling if no answer, I may just be building. I have office help for orders and tracking. 360-350-9177 or anthony@rainierdistillers.com.