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Hello- from Washington State! My Name is Anthony Zaca



We make the best Copper Moonshine Alcohol Reflux Stills! We do Ship International! We take Credit Cards and Paypal! Snail Mail and Internet !


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We make by hand the 2, 3, and 4 inch Alchemist Copper Moonshine Stills. These specialize in high proof. These are electrical, and we can put in whatever watts you like. You just take out the elements and cover with caps to use over propane or wood fire.  All size stills work the same. It is a copper reflux still, a compound.  They also can be taken apart- and made into a pot still. We also sell Stainless Steel Boilers up to 450 gallons. We can put on any fittings you would like, such as windows and spigots. 


100 Gallon Boiler


If you want the job done, this is your STILL.  This still is is functional and designed for high proof & fast runs. No sexy windows or 17th century design- just a pure copper tower. See our youtube for what it produces with true readings. We stand by our stills. We also do repairs if anything wrong, and our stills are guaranteed to work as advertised. YOU BET! We sell to the home distiller or the micro- craft- distiller. We ship internationally all over the world with no issues. We do custom work and have many options as far as fittings you can have. We sell control boxes and spare parts, packing or extensions, and copper pipe to keg kits.


We make control boxes, here is a Custom STILL TROLL Control Box for Distillery:



Pipe to Keg Kits and Window Cleanout kits to "do it yourself": 




I created the Alchemist Copper Moonshine Still in three sizes.


micro distillery


It is a copper reflux still that can double as a Copper pot still, in one, and even be an copper essential oil extractor with an added copper extension. I also sell separately, a vodka infusion still with a place to put your herbs.


Moonshine Still 


Copper Coil art


These moonshine distiller towers come with liquid management, and double/triple /quadruple helix condenser coils.


All hoses and packing enclosed with order.  





We can make these to fit on any boiler .


You can double/triple distill --in one run-- with these.


This style was invented for high grade vodkas in the 1800's. 


We make these ourselves- HANDMADE in the USA.


We have our alcohol fuel permit - to make ETHANOL, which we can advise you on how to get as well.


We teach about making mash and have recipes.




Our new design COPPER ALCHEMIST MOONSHINE STILL is a modular still. This Reflux Copper Still can also be used as a Copper pot still, if you take off the Copper  .These Alchemists are ALL DUAL PURPOSE as sold. Copper Reflux Moonshine and Copper Pot Still in ONE!




We also can do a 7 gallon version instead of 15 gallon boiler.


You can buy more copper extensions. As many as you need. The higher the still, the cleaner the product and the higher the proof! 



(A pot still makes whiskey, rum and brandy. A reflux still, -can make vodka or high proof ethanol.) 


Our Copper Alchemist Moonshine Stills comes with option of electric or non electric keg boilers we also make ourselves. We sell a deluxe and regular style and a non electric version. You can- at the same time- use electric and propane for faster heating. Keg boilers are easy to clean, we have a video. They are cheaper also and hardier. You fill in your favorite recipe wash- and plug the heating element in a wall. Or cover/extract the elements and use on wood fire. 


Stripping still


450 Gallon distilling boiler


We make boilers up to 450 gallon sizes, all custom.


Our Copper Still is also sold just the tower alone if you have your own boiler. 


I can have it fit on any boiler you like guaranteed. Milk can boilers, 100 gallon Stainless Steel Pots..You just need the right connection. Let me know. We can get you any size boiler pots- imaginable, just ask. Just let us know what you need. 


We sell complete and starter moonshine kits as well. 


We also make continuous alcohol stills- Custom only. 


We also sell parts for the “do it yourself-er", window clean-out kits, copper pipe, books, packing, yeast, enzymes, zeolite. We sell alcohol optimized water distillers. If you do not see something on our website, please ask, I can always get you what you need at retail cost- to go along with your order. We can put together complete kits. 


I  also do custom work, ask me. Check the photos section for my custom work anything you can think of.


  Water distiller Moonshine still  


I made all of these


Continuous stills, Stainless Steel Carbon Snakes, One gallon Stills, Copper boilers, Conical top boilers, Corkscrewing Copper Parrots, brewing equipment, mash tuns etc. I have good luck finding things. I can restore, weld, create, design. 


For ethanol, a reflux still is needed, because of the high proof needed. 


Owning a Copper still is legal, and even encouraged if you get an ethanol fuel permit from TTB.GOV


The Federal Alcohol Fuel Permit is free and takes about two weeks. 


We suggest you buy a still then get started on the federal application. For you will have to submit a photo of your still when you send in the free application. 


Is owning a still legal? 


From a TTB Newsletter 2009 Under Federal rules administered by TTB, it depends on how you use the still. You may not produce alcohol with stills unless you qualify as a distilled spirits plant. However, owning a small still and using it for other purposes is allowed. You should also check with your State and local authorities - their rules may differ. A still is defined as apparatus capable of being used to separate ethyl alcohol from a mixture that contains alcohol. Small stills (with a cubic distilling capacity of a gallon or less) that are used for laboratory purposes or for distilling water or other non-alcoholic materials are exempt from our rules. If you buy a small still and use it to distill water or extract essential oils by steam or water extraction methods, you are not subject to TTB requirements. If you produce essential oils by a solvent method and you get alcohol as a by-product of your process, we consider that distilling. Even though you are using and recovering purchased alcohol, you are separating the alcohol from a mixture -distilling. For more info 


Call for help if you need. 



We have not had any issues at all- working with these very helpful people.


A still is also great and legal for Essential Oil distilling. Don't limit yourself, women love this kind of distilling! We sell an Essential Oil Extension to the Alchemist, that will turn our Copper Stills into an essential oil distiller. Great for the wife, creating hydrosols or a side business. Also can be used to distill large amounts of water for those downstream nuclear plants or those not into fluoridated water. Also can infuse alcohol with herbs. This still does it all.


We get invited to herb and lavender farms and distill essential oils in front of audiences. You can distill your backyard!  Do you own a Lavender farm? Check our youtube 




Go to my blog to see how much oil these Copper stills put out in an hour. Anyone with spearmint or lavender around here has called us. Cedar, Doug Fir, Sage, Hemlock Spruce oils..its all in my blogs. PURE undiluted, uncut oil from your backyard. The gallons of A GRADE hydrosol you will have left over- you can put in spray bottles, sell, give away. All with their own magical properties. It is Alchemy. This is real alchemy you will be doing. 


These also do everything else and can also make tinctures and vodka infusions.


You could also have one just for display as art in your restaurant or Brewery or at moonshine themed parties. 


We also work with alcohol- fuel-producers. To make ethanol alcohol fuel for cars. I have many connections in this area.


You can keep a backup emergency home copper distiller in the event of society collapsing. Our Still is easy to store away safely.


Spirits will always be emergency currency. It is used to barter with doctors, farmers and builders. In colonial America, all our founding fathers had one. This may be easier than storing gold, and way, way cheaper. Costs pennies to make alcohol out of anything starchy or sweet. A good still will be valuable no matter what happens. Best investment you can make. I say anyone who owns a fridge should also own a still.


Only online orders for now. We do not have a store to visit. All the copper distillation equipment is made to order. We do not have stills laying around to come see. Our workshop is private.




Distill anything!


We work with many microdistilleries and have set up many


John with Still Waters Vodka and Anthony Zaca from Rainier Distillers


Also we give classes and go to many ourselves, regarding distilling. I blog about it.


Rainier Distillers Alchemist 2 inch still distilling


Distilling is a great thing. Not just for making alcohol cheaply! Its good for making clean water, recycling old fluid, home brewing, cheap fuel, cheap cooking fuel, industrial and medical alcohol, steam distillation of essential oils, flavoring for spirits and food, tinctures, perfumes. 


Did you know its the second oldest profession? Every culture has been distilling since the beginning of time. It will never die as a business. 


Alcohol is extremely valuable in our culture. From socializing to mating. To forget problems. Whiskey is as good as gold. Our forefathers had stills. In Colonial America spirits had more spending power than gold. In the up and coming times, no matter what happens, you can always depend on the demand for it. 


Alcohol is classed, in hard times, as liquid currency or LIQUID GOLD. Spirits are emergency currency. America was founded by distillers and used spirits as money. It is one of the things that will always remain valuable. It can be used for bartering for food and to pay for labor, when money is no longer good. Almost everyone will trade for spirits. Doctors, farmers and builders. Alcohol is useful for sterilizing germs and killing bacteria, perfuming soaps and women, fuel for lighting, as well. Women love perfumes and soaps. Clean water is priceless in times of crisis.


Distilled water, blue gold, is safe to drink and easy to make, out of the dirtiest water imaginable. Some countries are being forced to buy water from their government and not allowed to collect their own rain water. Things like fluoride cannot be filtered out with a supermarket water filter, you need to distill it. Distill then add some salt or squeeze of lemon, to add minerals back. You can desalinate ocean water. Take the radiation out of your water in event of nuclear meltdown such as Fukishima.





You can distill your old sweet canned foods that have gone bad. Fish or shrimp oils for bait or broth. Medical Marijuana Oil, can be done with a unique process. The list is endless of what you can distill.  It is up to you to become the Alchemist.


It is now, this industry, what wine and beer home brewers were to the 80's. People want homemade homegrown local fresh quality and American Made. 


We have worked and spent time with many wonderful local micro distilleries. We have bottled drinks made with our stills. My smaller stills are also great so they can make small batches and experiment. You can also do test batches with infusions and own pot stills just for stripping runs. It is also a cheap way to start up a micro distillery to buy four 3 or 2- 4 inch copper towers for our giant boilers. They also have worked with us to test our stills for us, on alcohol beverages. Beautiful reviews always. See our youtube.


 I give classes as well.


Micro distillers can also use our stills -to flavor alcohol. Make absolutes, flavor vodka, infusers, etc with the essential oil extractor. Like Lemon or lavender vodkas. This is with the essential oil basket extension. Email us for info. 


Effusion lamp candles can be burnt with alcohol. Alcohol stove cooking fuel- for backpack stoves- that burn clean. See my video blog how I cooked during a 6 day power outage here in Thurston County.


Rainier Distillers is a bona fide business. We do not sell alcohol, or promote illegal activity. Please be careful and obey the law always. It is up to you to check.


This market has not been touched. There is so much potential for business. More and more people are sick of what is out there and want raw, organic and local. They want pure and clean. More people are getting in touch with the land and using local home grown products such as cattail and sorghum.


We are OPEN to all sorts of business opportunities when it comes to distilling. Let's talk. Lets all make this market huge. We can offer wholesale accounts if you want to promote our still. We do good honest business with websites and home brew shops around Washington and Oregon. I have designed stills to go along with books. I also want to work with universities. I am available for radio, tv, and I usually do my talks/demos for free at local events. I love to spread the word- on how valuable distilling and alchemy are, to each one of us and our children.


If you can get  at least 10-20 people together I can come and do a talk or even a demo on local herbs for essential oils.


I also have a Marijuana OIL Extractor out, I think revolutionizes the market. No Butane, nothing toxic. I always said I could get the oil out of anything and this still took me the longest to invent. Marijuana the hardest oil to extract with the full properties.


Need I say the benefits of this? I will let the public deal with this one. I make no medical claims. I just build stills. And I built this one. I give this to the world. It is for sale shortly. It is not expensive at all, to make- like Rick Simpson Oil is. Already a few clinics have been replacing RS Oil with this one.




Rainier Distillers, P.O. Box 1183, Rainier, WA 98576






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Copper Still manufacturer

 It is a copper reflux still. It is like a Mustang. It does the job better but not so "pretty" as other stills on the market.


Giant Copper REFLUX Still for Microdistillers

The 4 inch ALCHEMIST copper stills made by Rainier Distillers


Rainier Distillers

These distiller towers come with liquid management, and double/ triple helix condenser coils.

Copper Coil art

All hoses and packing enclosed with order.

2 inch alchemist  2011


If you order a still we can make you a short video, when we test out your still, if you would like to understand how to use. Just request one. We have plenty of videos on youtube you can chek out first to answer your questions.

3 inch copper moonshine still

We also have how to and recipes.

Isaac making mash

Boiler keg with spigot

We can do spigots and cleanouts on your keg boilers. Or sell you akit to do it yourself.

Comes with hoses to connect with your garden hose for inlet and outlet.

hoses for pot still


Our stills fit on your milk can boilers.

connections to the boiler

pot stillI

We go to farms and distill essential oils in front of audiences. LAVENDER:

Pure Lavender oil, not lavandin, from China! UNDILUTED

Here is a best seller essential oil pot still

lavenderdistilling 081

You can keep a backup emergency home still in the event of society collapsing. Best investment you can make. I say anyone who owns a fridge should also own a still.

Rainier Distillers Alchemist 2 inch still distilling

Anthony Zaca Copper Stills Manufacturer

We are OPEN to all sorts of business opportunities when it comes to distilling. Let's talk. Lets all make this market huge. We can offer wholesale accounts if you want to promote our still. We do good honest business with websites and home brew shops around Washington and Oregon. I have designed stills to go along with books. I also want to work with universities. I am available for radio, tv and I usually do my talks/demos for free at local events. I love to spread the word- on how valuable distilling and alchemy are, to each one of us and our children.

Please write or call and leave email message.

1-360 -350-9177 Anthony@RainierDistillers.Com
Rainier Distillers, P.O. Box 7530, PMB 12, Yelm,WA 98597

At a distilling class

With Zymurgy Bob, author of "Making fine spirits with easy to build gear"