Vodka Infusion Still, For Micro Distilleries

For those who want to do essences in your alcohol, like lemon, peppermint, all sorts.

This is the 3" Alchemist Still with an Essential oil Basket. This is the 3 inch size. Comes with a 15 gallon electrical Keg with two heating elements. I can also sell this as tower alone for those who have their own boiler, for this will empty out quick.

You can make batches of oils from herbs and flowers. But this is primarily for infusing product with herbs, flavors. This also can turn into a pot still. See the photos.

This is a reflux still and pot still both, if you take off this extension, also can be essential oil still by filling up the three chambers with herbs and using steamed water. Mostly this is for absolutes like flavored gin, spiced rum.

Comes with manual and help from me by email or phone.

 Please email for more photos. You can call me for questions. I build every one of these myself, and can make you a video. Always available for help and any questions. I work with each client.


Comes with electrical keg turned into boiler. 2 1500 watt elements.


*These are refurbished kegs. I do this to keep price low and affordable. We send out both US and European versions. 

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Price $1,300.00
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