Copper Moonshine Stills

Each 2" still and tower come with one free extension. The 3" comes with two extensions and the 4" comes with four modulars.

People ask me why use copper? Copper is what all professional
chefs and cooks use. Also high quality essential oil distillers and all the micro, craft and large distilleries.
It enhances flavors and removes the unwanted flavors. It has a natural ability to make a great product and remove sulphurs from material.

My copper Alchemist still comes in three sizes and they all work exactly alike. The difference is in output and purity. All my stills can be turned into pot stills as well as reflux. It is one of a kind.

The Alchemist can do 90-95% comfortably, all due to length of the columns. My three inch and four inch will do 94-95% abv in one run if the mash is done correctly. Please call if you want to understand this or having issues.

All these stills do everything from making essential oils, distilling chlorine fluoride and radiation, all heavy metals of out water, alcohol, medical alcohol, cooking alcohol,
slash fuel for your car= ethanol. There are hundreds of other uses as well. For micro distilleries you can make your Brandies, Rum and Whiskeys etc.

The difference between top and bottom shelf liquor is the cuts when distilling, not the expensive price or prettiness of the still. It all comes down to the fermentation and the artisan distiller that is separating the different parts of the run. Heads Hearts and Tails. The spirit of the artisan is
also distilled in every bottle. “ SPIRITS". You do not have to spend a lot of money to open up your craft distillery. Marketing on your bottle means nothing if your alcohol itself does not have character. All the unwanted noted must be removed. My still will do this easy for you. My largest still puts out 14 18 gallons an hour.

Check out the manuals, photos and videos I have on all these copper stills. I am available to discuss your options or goals.

Here is an article in Farm Show 


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