Copper Still -3 inch- 15 gallon boiler

 This is the ultimate complete moonshine distilling starter kit. Comes with 2- 3 inch ferrule, 3 inch clamp, 2 inch ss clamp, hose and connections, compression fittings, 2 1500 w elements, 2 ten foot electrical cords, 4 foot water condenser, triple spiral condenser, thermometer, 50 liter electrical beer keg. Call me if you do not want electrical. I will be making videos and manuals soon. This is designed for microdistllers. It will make 1- 2 gallons an hour depending on abv. This GIANT Alchemist moonshine alcohol still will produce 95% ethyl alcohol. Also makes ethanol still. For those who have previously bought my two inch still and want to upgrade to a 3 inch, I will build your tower and add on the pipe to keg fitting to make it fit your two inch opening, on your boiler.


This can be made as a pot still and a reflux still as its sold..

pot still and 

see my photos section of website for more




How to Assemble the new version of this


 *These are refurbished kegs. I do this to keep price low and affordable. We send out both US and European versions. 

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